How can i make a simple page with HTML

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Please tell me how I can make a simple page with HTML code and what is the best software to create websites and webpages ?

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How can i make a simple page with HTML


A webpage is nothing more than a file. It got the name HTML because the web has extension. There are some basic things that you need to get started and the most basic one is a web browser.

Every HTML needs a head tag and title tags. Remember to give your document a title. Save it as the HTML document and not just as a title. In the notepad window, try to click file and  then save as.. Give your new folder a name you prefer. Then save the file in the new folder, you have just created. Where there is file name type page 1 html. Where it states save as, make sure it states all files. After this, you should successively see whatever you have been working for, it should be accessible. It is as easy as this.

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How can i make a simple page with HTML


Hello There,

Well there are basically two ways for creating a website or a webpage. First of all, you can create pages offline in any Word processing or editing document and then upload them through FTP or else the other way, what I think is the best and the easiest way for you. I would suggest you to go for this.

Download WEB PAGE MAKER; it will help you create web pages without even knowing programming or using any complicated software.

It will help you create websites in seconds, without any hassle in the way you want it. Here's the link to download it – webpage maker. Just download it and that's it you're done.

Good Luck!!!

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How can i make a simple page with HTML


Hi Jerry,

You can choose to use HTML to create pages, but this will entail that you have coding knowledge in HTML. Otherwise Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 to create website pages. You have to install Dreamweaver on your computer .

  • Once you have installed it, use the following procedure:
  • Go to file then new;
  • Choose blank page, then HTML;
  • When it opens, choose the design view (and not the code view);
  • Go to insert, then table. A dialog box will open up.
  • There specify the number of rows and columns the website will have, the cell padding, cell spacing and the alignment of the website.
  • Click Ok after that.
  • You can type in the contents: the headings, the body and the footer.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung

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How can i make a simple page with HTML



Just simply create the page and upload them to the Internet service provider via FTP. Second one is create a web page by accessing the UNIX account. Once you access the account, make a new directory. After that, you need to change the directory to this code, “public_htm”.

Next step is to put a filename to the page, to add from the HTML; simply type the code “Pico index.html”. You need to know the commands of HTML. Start with the basic commands first, for you to know the index.

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