How can I make an easy and simple coreldraw letterhead template?

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Hi expert,

I need your help with making a coreldraw letterhead template. I want to make a coreldraw letterhead template but I don’t know the process. Please, tell me in detail as I can learn it and can make one. Please, include snap shot of the process so that I can realize easily.

Thanks in advance

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How can I make an easy and simple coreldraw letterhead template?


Hello, Caroline.

I'll guide you to create your first letterhead step by step.

First you need to set up a letterhead by creating a new blank document that is the size of a standard North American letter. Click on File, choose New and then click Layout menu – Page Setup. You need to display Size options from the directory, enable the Portrait option and choose Letter from the Paper list box.

Usually, the following step is importing a logo (you should done it before and have saved with extension .cdr) and you can do this with one click on File, choose import and from the Files of type list box, choose CDR – CorelDRAW. Navigate to your folder where you saved your files you want to use, click the filename of your logo and click the Import button. Position the Import placement start cursor near the top left corner of the drawing page (or wherever do you want it to place), then click to place your logo.

Now you can create some shapes on your page. For example you can click on the Rectangle tool and then drag to create it across the width of the letterhead. Select the rectangle using the Pick tool and type sizes you want and position x and y and then press ENTER.

In the next step, use colors. After choosing a color, position the Paintbucket tool over the edge of the rectangle and click once on the outline of the rectangle. Do the same with the fill area of the rectangle.


After designing  the shapes you add your text by clicking on the Text tool and positioning the cursor where you want to put your text. Choose some Font you want from the Font list on the property bar, then choose the font size you want. You change color of your text by selecting the text objeft using the Pick tool and then choosing some color from color swatch in the color palette. You can also change formatting by clicking the Format text button on the property bar and change range kerning % of space to a bigger number.

When you are satisfied with your work simply Click Save in, in your File Menu, choose the drive and folder where you want to save the file. Call it whatever you want and click Save.

Now, you are prepared to created letterheads, feel free to try other options in your programme, it's easy and fun.

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