Error encountered when editing photos using LightRoom

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I was editing my photo images when I got this error message (please see below). I was using LightRoom Auto Tone option but got the error when choosing other editing options. 

I tried to look for a resolution from the web but didn’t find any possible solution. Help and a resolution would much be appreciated from the gurus of this forum.

An internal error has occurred.

?:0: attempt to index upvalue ‘?’ (a nil value)


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Error encountered when editing photos using LightRoom


Hi Ninbel,

      To solve internal error occurred when using a lightRoom, try the following STEPS:

  1. Exit Lightroom
  2. In the start Up menu search for the UTILITIES > sub folder Application
  3. Click the Terminal Application twice.
  4. You have to paste or type the following text: Applications/Adobe light Room
  5. Click ENTER to get started
  6. Then try to do again the steps whenever you see the error message.
  7. To save your finish document you save it for you to  copy and  paste to use 

The SHELL > export  Text in the MENU

Hope this might help you.


Fernando magallanes

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Error encountered when editing photos using LightRoom


Dear Ninbel,

There are two solutions:

1. If you want to continue with your LR version 3 follow these steps

A. Import a not really important file or download any file and import it just to test check this solution,

B. Go to the Library,

C. Then Quick Development,

D. Select the file you imported and press “Auto Tone” and try adjusting through < and > buttons simultaneously (you need to be super quick while following step D).

If that does not work follow

2. Replace your LR version 3 by 3.2 RC. Follow these steps

A. Uninstall LR 3 (control panel/programs/uninstalling program/click right on mouse on LR 3 option/uninstall)

B. Install LR 3.2 RC by clicking on this link –

Please note that from this link you can buy LR 3.2 free because you have LR 3.

Just enjoy a new free version!

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