How can i implement a 3-Tier Client/Server Architecture?

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What are the technical components of 3-Tier Client / Server Architecture and how can I implement it. What is the difference between a 2-Tier Client / Server Architecture (2 Level) and a 3-Tier Client/Server Architecture (3 Level)? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each architecture?

Thank You!

Ahmed O.

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How can i implement a 3-Tier Client/Server Architecture?


Hello Ahmed,

There are basically four major components which can or could constitute a distributed application on the Internet. 

These are:

1. The presentation interface to the user, as well as access programs to server components.

2. An access interface to server components.

3. The server application logic.

4. File storage, databases, etc.

In 3-tier architecture, the presentation components are placed on the client computers, the application logic resides in between the database server as shown below:

distributed application on the Internet-3-tier architecture

3-tier vs. 2-tier architecture:

  • Complex application logic are easy to implement in 3-tier than 2-tier.
  • Since the application logic is separated from the database, it improves performance in 3-tier.
  • Application logic is portable to any database platform in 3-tier.
  • Though, 3-tier provides better performance and portability but it’s difficult to set up and maintain as compared to 2-tier.

Happy Computing.

Jack Hostler.

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