System Restore could not run completely

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My computer was infected by a Trojan virus which damaged my explorer. I'm trying to restore my previous settings with the use of my Windows Vista SP2's built-in System Restore. But every time I run it, it gives me the same error message:

"System Restore did not complete successfully. Your computer's system files and settings were not changed. Unspecified error 80070002. The system could not find the file specified"
I've searched for solutions all-over the Internet but nothing seems to work for me, and the same error keeps showing up every time. I've tried all available restore points – NONE OF THEM WORK. And I already tried running in Safe Mode, which also didn't work.
I've tried various anti-spyware and registry cleaning software, and I also tried the Error-checking tool, but no errors were found and the system restore keeps failing. I have also used the System File Checker, it found some errors but it was already checked, however; it did not repair the System Restore.
I would really appreciate if you can make my System Restore work again, my frustrating attempts to fix it are killing me.
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System Restore could not run completely

Hi Lexus Hill,
Being hit by a virus can be a very frustrating experience, especially when it renders some functions or applications that used to work before. Restoring them can also require a lot of work and patience as well.
  1. Let’s see first if you can create a restore point. System Protection should be turned on while trying to create a restore point. Then run System Restore to recover to the previous one you saved. See if it worked. Did it restore to your saved checkpoint?
  2. If it did restore to the checkpoint you saved, it could only point out to one thing. The windows MediaID.bin file that is being used for backing up and restoring your PC has been corrupted. The MediaID.bin file stores necessary information that is needed for backing up and restoring successfully.
  3. Use System File Checker Tool to scan and look for the corrupt system file. Just open an elevated “Command Prompt” window as an administrator by right clicking on it and enter the command “ sfc /scannow”it then proceeds to look for protected system files that replaces incorrect versions with original Microsoft versions. More details here and here.
  4. Some antivirus programs like Norton could be responsible for this problem. A quick fix would involve removing the antivirus program, and then trying out system restore.
  5. Make sure that all traces of infection on your computer have been wiped out by running a free online scanner such as Bitdefender or Trend Micro Housecall. These online scanners can be reliable since they do the scans from an external source unlike your built-in installed scanners that could be rendered ineffective by viruses and malware. Not only do they scan and clean infections, they also correct changes made to the registry. It’s better than any registry cleaner on the net.
  6. You can also solicit online help via this website where you submit logs of your scan results for evaluation. Security experts then check for traces of infection left behind.
  7. If all else fails, then just back up your data, bring out the system recovery disk that came bundled with your operating system when you bought it, and restore all settings to their factory defaults. Some OEM manufacturers put their recovery programs on a separate partition that remains untouched and uninfected. All you have to do is run the recovery program which is listed on the All Programs menu. Just don’t forget to back up your data first before restoring to factory defaults.
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System Restore could not run completely


If your computer was infected by Trojan your system can be severely damaged. Not only your explore.exe but also your task manager, run commands, command prompt, etc., can be damaged by this strong virus. Though you are able to remove the virus the damage done by the virus will remain in your computer (for an example, if the virus erases a file from your hard disk though you remove virus you can’t get the file again.).

I think that Trojan has affected to the System Restore program also. So only solution for that is, backup your file (documents, songs, etc.) and reinstall your system. Before you backup your file you have to certify that Trojan has remove from your computer.

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