How can I get columns view on Rich Text Field Lotus Notes?

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Hallo there!

I am using Rich Text Field Lotus Notes for organizing my notes.

I have some information that I have been keeping in the notes.

However, I realized that I cannot view the information in columns whatsoever.

Is there a way in which I can enable viewing in columns?

Thanks big time for your help.

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How can I get columns view on Rich Text Field Lotus Notes?


Hi Hannah,

There is a workaround with your query this needs to apply @Abstract, a designer that can display Rich Text information in column view.

If you have a Rich text field called Info. To display the text information from the Info field you have to create a field called TextForView this grabs the text information from the Rich Text field. Check formula below:

@Abstract([TextOnly]) ; 15360 ‘ “” ; “Info”)

NOTE: 15360 is the maximum value that can be used and fields greater than 15360 characters cannot be viewed in columns.

After that in the view column formula, use the field, TexTForView. Then this needs to be refreshed to populate the computed field. Use this formula to refresh selected documents.


Another option is this command:

@If (@IsAvailable (name_of_the_rt_field); @Abstract ( [Abbrev]; 200; ""; "name_of_the_rt_field");"" ) *

This will abbreviate the content to the first two hundred characters for easier column view.

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