How can I create geek programs in vb 6?

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Hi expert,

I need your help. I want to create geek programs in vb 6 but I can’t. Please, give me instruction step by step and describe everything clearly as I can realize easily. I know it is not so easy but I think I will be able to do if you help me.


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How can I create geek programs in vb 6?



Visual Basic 6.0 is not a difficult language. If you have basic knowledge in any programming language then it will become easier. It is actually desktop programming language. To be efficient in this language you will have to learn the syntax and structure of the language properly. There are a lot of build in functions in visual basic. You need to know those functions. There are a number of online tutoring. You can follow those tutorials to get the basic ideas. Such as:


Visual basic is used for database desktop programming. So you also know how to connect to the database and how to execute SQL query. You also should have an idea about SQL to do database programming with Visual Basic. There are a number of online tutorial on database programming using Visual Basic. You can follow them to get the basic idea.

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How can I create geek programs in vb 6?


Visual basic is not only for a programming language. It also for complete graphical development. The language allows user little programming experience. you have to learn the syntax and the structure of this language which is very simple.

If you want to be a good programmer you need to understand the major concepts, objects and how to use the tools by Visual Basic. You can check the below tutorial websites and get the idea how to work on (VB 6).

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How can I create geek programs in vb 6?



The steps creating a program for vb6 includes an installer. These steps should be followed in this order.

  • Open Visual Basic. Click File. Choose Add and then View Project. Expand the Other Project Types Option and select Setup and Deployment. 
  • Click Setup Project from the list in the Templates window.
  • Name the project name My Project Installer project in the Solution Explorer.
  • Click ProductName in the Properties section and enter the name of the project you are creating the install program for.
  • Every installer will have your project name in his program manager.
  •  Click Build. Select Build My Project.
  • This is how the files are created. Click Project Installer and then Application Folder.
  • Click Action, then Add. Select Project Output.
  • Select your project, then click Primary Output. Click OK.
  • Close dialog window. Click Build.
  • Select build My Project installer to rebuild the installer project.
  • Finish.


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