How to add color to a black and white video

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I don't know if this is possible, but how can I add color to a black and white video?

I want to make a man's skin look natural.

There is already a rotoscope over the man's face.

What filter or tool should I use to do this?

Your advise would be a big help to my project

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How to add color to a black and white video


Hi Janae,

It is expensive to do this kind of operation, so you will have to consider if the cost are worthwhile using this link http//…ghlight=legend.

The other option is to use the Legend Film propriety process this provides good results especially if what you have is source materials.

If it a poor washed out sources then it will not come out as good.

Or you may opt for the PhotoShop plugins which also give good end results though they are tideous as you will need to do a frame to frame work once more. You may also use Virtualdub with Colormill to do a screen tint this was done in 1900s to show moods.


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How to add color to a black and white video


Hello Janae,

Yes, it is possible to add colors on black and white videos but doing so, could be quite expensive.

There are several software’s or products on the Internet that enable beginners to edit videos with ease.

I don’t want to name the products, but I will provide links for you to look for yourself. With the various filters and tools present on the software’s, you can edit any unbroken videos to your desired output.

Another option is to find a video editor to work for you but be sure the price is reasonable for the job.

Here are the links:

Best Video Editing Software Comparisons and Reviews

Best Video Editing Software

I hope you find this comment helpful.

Salvador Cuenza

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