Needs tag hot mp4 video?

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Hi Experts,

I have uploaded a video to and I needs tag hot MP4 video. Can you tell me where I can find relevant tags for this video. It is related to entertainment. It is in MP4 format.

Thanks. Regards, Hollis Riley

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Needs tag hot mp4 video?


Hi Hollis Riley,

If you want tag for your YouTube video then you have to upload the lnk of video in many social network sites like:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Google+
  4. Orkut

because mostly tags are created by social networking sites.

And YouTube is a very big video portal so it will automatically tagged by many users.

Hope it will helpful. Thanks!

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Needs tag hot mp4 video?


If you are planning to get your uploaded video to be listed as one of the “most watched”  and get a good rank, tagging is definitely crucial.

Before tagging, you have to make sure that the tags you choose describe your video perfectly.

So here is how you properly tag your video:

1. Click ACCOUNT on the upper right part of the YouTube page.


3. Now select the video you want to put a tag on.

4. Select EDIT below the video.

5. Edit the tags (in your case, put “hot mp4”)

6. Click SAVE CHANGES button.

If people started seeing watching your video, you might as well have the chance to get it ranked.

Good luck!

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