How is the 3D printer different from others?

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The 3D printer is usually used for arthrogryposis multiplex congenital (AMC).

And yesterday I saw the news "3D printed Magic Arms" gives a little girl use of her limbs. It is absolutely a magic of science 

I know.

But is there any specialty in the magic arm?

What is the specialty for this it is called Magic Arms?

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How is the 3D printer different from others?


Hallo Jim,

The 3D Printer Magic Arms is a term that is gained from a situation whereby a 2 year old girl that was born with congenital disorder arthrogryposis multiplex congenital disease benefited from the 3d printer technology. The disease she is suffering from makes someone's joints locked into a single position in a way that they cannot adjust them.

What was done by doctors in the girl's case was to turn the 3D printer from Stratasys to come up with custom Molded parts as well as a light vest for her. This enabled the girl to be able to lift her arms, play, color as well as feed herself without having the problems she went through before that.



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