Help to stream ip cam on boxee web-browser.

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I use a FoscamIP camera, type 8904W.

Is there a solution to stream IPcam on Boxeelive from my network camera by any settings anywhere?

The standard Boxeeweb-browser does not show the login page of the camera to me.

Please help.

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Help to stream ip cam on boxee web-browser.


Hello M Guy,

You can try this method:

Type this address in your browser



– X.Y.Z.W is the IP address of the cam

– xxxxxxx   is your user name

– yyyyyyy is your password

You will get a fixed picture. To have the live stream you should add this javascript code



<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">

function reload() {setTimeout('reloadImg("refresh")',350)};

function reloadImg(id)


var obj = document.getElementById(id);

var rand = Math.random();

obj.src = "http://192.168.x.xx:xxxx/snapshot.cgi?user=xxxx&pwd=xxxxx&t="+rand;



<img src="http://X.Y.Z.W/snapshot.cgi?user=xxxxx&pwd=yyyyyyy&t=" name="refresh" id="refresh" onload='reload()'>



save this text to a html file and open it with any browser.

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