Help regarding sample job costing sheet excel completion?

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Hello buddy ! I have developed 5 sample job costing sheet excel template for free download from my site. I want to summarize the manpower hiring cost of all sheets at one place.Since there are many categories of manpower ,so I am looking for easiest formula to link 20 categories & also display subtotal of each sheet on the summary sheet.Please help.Thanks in advance.

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Help regarding sample job costing sheet excel completion?


Hi Hunter Chasee


to merge data when you have different data sources with the same fields that you want to merge into a single data source. You join data when you have two different data sources that have a field in common that associates one data source with another data source. Because products.xml and categories.xml are two different data sources with the CategoryID field in common, you want to join the two data sources.
-Click Finish.
-In the Data Source Properties dialog box, click the General tab.
-In the Name box, type Categories and Products.
Click OK.
-In the Data Source Library, under Linked sources, you can see your new linked data source.

To display a summary of just the subtotals and grand totals, click the outline symbols 123  next to the row numbers. Use the + and – symbols to display or hide the detail rows for individual subtotals.


Hope this will help


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