Error : ASAP Utilities – delete all objects on current worksheet

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I am getting error messages with several workbooks:

Error -2147319765: Automation error

Element not found, Or an error like ' Sorry, your sheet cannot be used for this tool…'

 Error : ASAP Utilities – delete all objects on current worksheet

Sorry, your sheet somehow cannot be use for this tool.

This might be due to macros with error in your file. You can try it again by re-opening your workbook without enabling the macros in it.

Another reason might be a bug in excel, in that case you could try to copy all the information from your current worksheet to a fresh new worksheet and run the utility again.

 A solution might also be to put your worksheet in visual basic/Developers ‘design mode’ and then run the utility again.

I am trying to find a solution to this problem. If you have any I would be glad to accept your solution and recommendation. Thank you so much.

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Error : ASAP Utilities – delete all objects on current worksheet


Try following what was instructed in the dialog box. I’m sure if it weren’t for the macros that were in your workbooks it will open successfully without generating any errors. It should work next time you open it with the macros disabled.

Or you may also try opening the workbooks on a different version of the program you are using. Try opening them on an older version and or on a newer version of the program to see which will work but that is, if it’s only possible and you have those versions of it.

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