Guidelines for Specific Computer Networks

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I need a detailed explanation about all of these: 

a. 802.16  

b. Switched Ethernet  

c. Ethernet Cabling  

d. Framing  

e. Service Primitives   

f. Gigabit Ethernet

I am researching for a project regarding Computer Networks.

This will be used as guidelines so please send efficient and complete detailed information about all these.

And also, I want to know some social issues of each network.

Please help me.

Thank you.

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Guidelines for Specific Computer Networks


a. 802.16- Series of Broadband authored by (IEEE) Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

b. Switched Ethernet- It is a network which is using a switch instead of a hub. Sometimes other user thinks that using switch is like using a hub. They are different in many aspects.

c. Ethernet Cabling –  This term talks about cabling network computers. When cabling a network you need to take a lot of research, its not just cabling. You need to know what cable do you need to use, what kind of cabling etc.

Types of Cable         

  1. Twisted pair
  2. Optical fiber cable
  3. Coaxial cable
  4. Patch cable
  5. Power lines

d. Framing- It is a connection of two computer that has a wire which transmit data. The information submitted is frame by frame or chunks. There are three types of framing, Byte-oriented framing, Bit-oriented framing and Clock-based framing.

e. Service Primitives- In networking (Layered Architecture) Service Primitives use when one layer needs another layer to do specific task.  Service Primitives have four categories: request a service, informing an ENTITY that has occurred, represent responses, and those that processed confirmed arrived data.

f. Gigabit Ethernet- It is a transmission networking technology which can used Ethernet framing that provided or can send data with a rate of 1 billion bits per second or one gigabit. It used optical fiber.

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