Google products that are discontinued

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I was just wondering what are the products which Google made but later did not do well. Software/Hardware and any products that they failed to kit start?

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Google products that are discontinued


There are numerous Google products that has been discontinued its service in the past year. However, I will provide you with the discontinued products for this year so as you will be familiar to some.

One of this is Google Building Maker, an application that supports Google Earth. Another is Meebo, which is more likely a social networking. Google Reader and Google Latitude has also been discontinued. Google Talk, which is a desktop messaging application has also been discontinued its service and has been replaced with Google Hangouts. Well, these are only few of the services that is no longer supported by Google.

I hope this helps.

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Google products that are discontinued



There are a number of product that have been sent to the Google Graveyard I mean they no more exist. some which are listed here:

  • Google reader
  • iGoogle
  • Google Talk
  • Google Health
  • KNOL
  • Picnik
  • Google Buzz
  • Side wiki
  • Google dictionary
  • Google notebook
  • Google search wiki
  • Google Labs
  • Google lively   and so on….

You can find detailed information about then and the rest discontinued products at The List OF Google Discontinued.

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