Google Chrome is loading Multiple tabs

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Hi guys I need your help,

Recently I bought a new Lenovo Ideapad B490 59-382575 Laptop pre installed Window 7 on it. I updated Avast Anti Virus on it. Everything is working perfectly. But when I open Google Chrome multiple tabs are loading. But internet explorer and Firefox are working properly without having any issue.

Anybody encountered the same issue before? Can somebody please give me solution to fix this issue. Thanks in advance for your helpful advice.

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Google Chrome is loading Multiple tabs



It sounds like you’re having trouble with opening tabs on your Google Chrome. It usually happens when you’ve pinned those tabs on your browser and so those are loading automatically on startup.

To fix this issue,

1. Start your Google Chrome.

2. Right-click on those tabs and select “Unpin tab”.

3. Restart your browser.

If this is not the solution,

1. Open a new tab.

2. Enter the URL: chrome://settings/

3. From “On startup” section, select “Open the New Tab page”.

4. Restart your browser.

No more auto tab loading this time.

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