Google Assistant Feature Is Not Working In My Smartphone

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I have purchased a new smartphone, but the Google assistant feature is not working in it. I am trying to find a solution to it. Can anyone tell me why Google Assistant is not working on my smartphone?

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Google Assistant Feature Is Not Working In My Smartphone


This is a minor problem which can be easily solved as follows:

1. First, reboot your phone and then launch Google Assistant. If it works then fine otherwise proceed as below.

2. Check whether Google Assitant is enabled and your phone supports it. For devices to support Google Assistant they must have the following features

a) Android 5.0 or higher
b) Google app 6.13 or higher
c) Google Play services
d)At least 1GB Memory

3. Your Google assistant may not be able to recognize your voice. In that case, you have to retrain it. To do so open the Google app, then select More > Settings > Voice > Voice Match > Retrain voice model. Then click “I agree” and follow the instructions. Once done check whether it works.

4. If none of the above methods work, check the microphone, internet connections, disable other voice assistants, upgrade the app or check the permissions.

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