Getting error when browsing websites, causes other errors

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Hello everybody.

I'm a newbie here and joined because I'm in urgent need of help!

For the last 4 days or so I've been facing this error message:

Program has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

It appears with a blue 'I' in a circle, and it shows messages EVERY TIME when I browse websites.  When I click the "Don't Send" button, it doesn't close the webpage.  Worse, it adds another error message from Norton's Antivirus 2006, saying:

Norton AntiVirus 2006 was unable to start the Instant Messenger scanner. It will be unable to scan Instant Messenger downloads for infections.

This comes out randomly as the other error messages. I wish to post the screen dumps of those error messages but I'm unable to upload because I don’t have a server.

I urgently want this problem to fix. That’s why I need help and it will be appreciated.


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Getting error when browsing websites, causes other errors


Hi Cruelladevil,

The best solution that  I can give you is to install a new and updated antivirus and perform a boot time scan for you to get rid of unwanted potential threats. You will be able to stop the virus even before it activates in your Operating System. You can go to this website for you to be able to get a guaranteed effective antivirus that not just heals but also prevents virus to get in and activate inside your computer.


Rana Gani


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Getting error when browsing websites, causes other errors


Hi Cruelladevil,

You are surfing websites which are really dangerous for your PC and could infect it by viruses. Norton Anti-virus is showing you a virus threat before downloading the MSN Instant Messenger. I will advise you not to surf these websites or

You can follow these steps –

1. Either stop your Norton Anti-virus when you are surfing these websites or chatting on MSN Messenger, or

2. A. Uninstall the Norton Anti-virus by going to control panel/programs/uninstalling program/click right on mouse on Norton Anti-virus /uninstall,

B. Download another version of anti-virus from the search engine. One such link to download anti-virus software is –,

C. Install the anti-virus,

D. Start Browsing.

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