Gameloft new game Men in Black 3

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Gameloft can’t help but make a game out of it. Men In Black 3 was no exception to the rule which is not to displease us. In this game you will follow the Men in Black routine which is traveling through time and fighting big, ugly aliens.

This excites me to play the game, what are the rules and technique to play this game and does it have cheats?

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Gameloft new game Men in Black 3


Well if you ask me it is a pretty standard move for any game developer to develop and release a game almost at the same time of its movie counterpart. It is a free download for iOs and Android users, which is a good thing because you won’t be spending money on a game that has the potential for you to not like it.

By the look of things, it has a potential to be a great game. It is developed as a simulation game and a turn-based role playing game. You are the boss of the Men In Black agency and you are tasked to take out the monsters of the universe. If you play games such as Sim-City or Starcraft and is very good at micro-management, then this game is for you. You can assign tasks to your agents to defeat the aliens that are terrorizing Earth.

If you are going to play this on Android, there are user forums on the internet that already accessed the game illegally and provided cheats like infinite energy. It needs a deep skill in programming and hexadecimal editing though. No word yet on official, easy-to-do cheats for this game, so let’s just wait and see.

Hope this helps!

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