Further more information about behavior scan apple software

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Hello, Apps lovers! In the morning, I was visiting Android market from my iPhone 5 for searching new apps. Actually, I have got a new software named "behavior scan apple" software. I want to know about it. Please anyone help me!

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Further more information about behavior scan apple software


Greetings Robert L Elliott,


Searching the Google I learned that Behavior scan is an OS X application used to test and inspect different things about iOS Devices.

Among other things it inspects:

  • Last restore date
  • Last sync and/or backup date
  • iPhone OS Versions.
  • A total hard reset count
  • Third-Party Applications
  • Usage time since last charge
  • Dropped call statistics (including by day of the week)
  • Total hours of operation count
  • Total modem resets
  • Battery statistics including charge cycles/number of charges, original capacity, current capacity, etc
  • Airtime over the last 2 weeks.

You can read about it on this website: Behavior Scan.

Hope this helps you,


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