FTP on Windows server 2008 R2 64

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I have to tell that the saddest thing that I never imagine is knocking me down. As a replacement of my old Dell Dimension E510 I got the set up of current Dell power Edge T110 in my home. For one of the first tasks of it I am setting up it as to why it can act as FTP file server for me and for others who are here and there of me. Combination of server is being used by me and client of Blackmoon FTP server (www.blackmoonftpserver.com), and the client software Web Drive FTP client (www.southrivertech.com). The operating system that I have is Windows Server 2008 R2 foundation edition. All that is matter is: one single user account on the FTP server is set up by me so to check the connection internally on my local network by the help of my private IP address until I be able to make it sure that works prior to I go getting accounts on either zone edit or No-IP.org and messing with port forwarding in the router.

The enough interesting thing is my private internal IP looks like dynamic one. It was at the time I did check this out a few weeks ago, and today when I booted up the server, it is now (My friend reminded me though that was because I had the unit switched off until I could get back here). I have the server set for passive mode on the FTP side of things and I've opened ports 1058 to 1060 as the port range on the firewall (default windows firewall). I also opened port 21 for file transfers. Even with both rules set up in the firewall with advanced security, I still can't get this to work even on my internal network. What am I doing wrong? I'll be delighted to post any logs or other information you may need.

Thanks so much in advance.

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FTP on Windows server 2008 R2 64



I think you have to delete any FTP sites you have created and run these two commands to reconfigure FTP for all your sites.

for reconfigure all you have to do the following steps

"%plesk_bin%ftpmng.exe" —remove all

"plesk_bin%ftpmng.exe"—-reconfigure all

Also, assure you are using the IPaddress that the domain is assigned to. You can't use different server IP even though its on the same server.

You also do the following steps:

1. Try the restarting the Admin Service.

2. Reset the password for the domain in Plesk.

3. Delete the security file in the domain's folder and then run a permissions check using the command.

I think it will helpful for you.

Thank you.

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