Format error not a PDF or corrupted

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Hi guys,

I have an issue here regarding my PDF file, I downloaded from the internet a manual that I needed most, when I open it with foxit reader it cannot be opened, it displayed an error message that the file is corrupted.

Foxit Reader

Format error: not a PDF or corrupted.

I pasted above the error message for your reference of my problem, when I analyze the error above, it seems that the file is corrupted, that is why I decided to download again another copy of the file, but when I opened it, same problem occurred, please help me look for some solution to my problem,

Hoping to hear from you soon,


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Format error not a PDF or corrupted


This problem may occur either by the network or by the corrupted file itself. Try to download it with a better network.

Or you check your PDF file if it is really corrupted then try to  repair it with a utility with ADVANCED PDF REPAIR.

To repair your file check the link below

It will surely help you and resolve your problem.

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Format error not a PDF or corrupted


Corrupted file could be a result that you did not complete download the whole PDF file or you downloaded a corrupted file.

The best solution is to downloaded another PDF file or try repairing the installed PDF by going to start – Control panel – Add/ remove programs – On the PDF file right click and select change this will repair the PDF file   

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Format error not a PDF or corrupted


It’s kind of confusing since you already tried downloading the same file twice and still the result is the same. I’m not also sure if it’s with the program you use that’s causing the problem since it is not Adobe Reader. For a change, try downloading Adobe Reader and then install it afterwards.

After this, see if Adobe Reader can open the PDF file you just downloaded. I’m thinking of the possibility that the error is caused by a conflict in the program you are using before although it is also designed to open PDF files.

If you are still unsuccessful in opening the PDF file with Adobe Reader then it is possible that the file is really corrupted. You may still try downloading the same PDF manual for the third time but this time it would be best to do it on a different computer. Visit the site again using a different computer and then download the PDF manual again.

After that, open the file on the same computer to see if it is not corrupted. If you are successful then you may now transfer it to your own computer but if not then the file is indeed broken.

Try searching for a different website that offers the same manual.

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Format error not a PDF or corrupted


First you have to confirm it is really a .pdf file. For this you have to see the extension of file (last 3 characters after dot (.) for example myfile.pdf etc.

For showing extension of file adopt the steps given below:

  1. Open “my computer” then click on Tool menu (if you have using win 7, vista press “ALT” key once for showing menu).
  2. Then click on “folder Option”  see the snap shot.

Now check your file name with extension as shown in snap shot

Secondly, if your file extension is .pdf then check your file size and ask your friend about file size. If file size is matching with your downloaded one (some time file not fully downloaded) then try it to open by using Adobe acrobat reader. download here

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