Fax Machine is it Magic

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One technology I have always been fascinated by is a fax machine. "Yes I know a fax machine."

  I have always wanted to know what goes on when the message or letter is sent?

The process behind the scenes. Does it have some one collecting the fax and then sending it through a machine that is hooked up to the receiver?

Can you explain this process.

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Fax Machine is it Magic


Basic plan behind Fax Machines

Most of the first fax machine styles concerned a rotating drum. To send a fax, you'd attach the piece of paper to the drum, with the print facing outward. The remainder of the machine worked one thing like this:

  • There was a tiny low photograph detector with a lens and a light-weight.
  • The photograph detector was connected to Associate in Nursing arm and sweet-faced the sheet of paper.
  • The arm may move downward over the sheet of paper from one finish to the opposite because the sheet revolved on the drum.
In alternative words, it worked one thing sort of a shaping machine.
The photograph detector was ready to focus in an appearance at an awfully little spot on the piece of paper may be a district of zero.01. inches square (0.25 millimeters squared). That small patch of paper would be either black or white. The drum would rotate in order that the photograph detector may examine one line of the sheet of paper then move down a line. It did this either step-wise or terribly} very long spiral.
To transmit the data through a telephone line, early fax machines used an awfully straightforward technique: If the spot of paper that the photograph cell was staring at were white, the fax machine would send one tone; if it were black, it might send a unique tone. For instance, it would have sent Associate in Nursing 800-Hertz tone for white and a one, 300-Hertz tone for black.
At the receiving finish, there would be an analogous rotating-drum mechanism, and a few varieties of the pen to mark in the paper. Once the receiving fax machine detected a one, 300-Hertz tone it might apply the pen to the paper, Associate in Nursingd once it detected an 800-Hertz tone it might take the pen off the paper.

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