Failed to commit object to device

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When I attempted to make a modification for a user in Unity an error message displayed during the firmware uploading.Can I resolve this matter without having any issue? I would be grateful to you. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for any suggestion.

Error Message:

Failed to commit object to device, this is probably due to a faulty firmware image. At function: Void TransferContentToDevice(IPortableDevice*, _GUID*, Char*, Char*)

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Failed to commit object to device


If you are trying to upgrade the firmware of a device when the problem started, you should already have the present version of the device’s firmware so you can use it to restore the device back to its original firmware version in case of a problem. Because when upgrading the firmware of a device, there is usually no way of rolling it back, like any other driver on the computer.

That’s why it is important to have the present or original firmware of the device before updating it to a newer version. If the firmware you are using to upgrade the device was downloaded from the web, there is probably something wrong with its contents. You should download the firmware from a reliable source like the device’s home page.

Here you are assured that files you download are original and working. Download the firmware again from the device’s home page and then restart the firmware upgrade.

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