Facing The Error, Operating System Not Found. Any Work Arounds?

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When I started my PC, it gave me an error, operating system not found. Does anyone know how do I resolve this issue without any trouble?

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Facing The Error, Operating System Not Found. Any Work Arounds?


Hello, this error means that the PC has not detected the OS installed on your hard disk.

Usually, we face this error if the BIOS(Basic Input Output System) is not able to find the hard drive. Also, when the hard drive is physically not working, or hard drive is corrupt.

To fix this, you can follow these methods,

  1. Insert the Operating System disc into the PC and then boot it.

An option, boot from CD will appear and then press R from the Windows Setup Menu, to open the Recovery Console and then, type FIXMBR. Hit enter afterward.

Follow the instructions and after it, and then you can use the OS like normal.

  1. You can also try installing the Windows Operating System again.

But if the hard disk is having a problem, then you might consider replacing it.

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Facing The Error, Operating System Not Found. Any Work Arounds?


That’s a very common error when starting a computer and mostly it has nothing to do with the operating system or Microsoft Windows because there is actually no problem in the first place. The most common cause of this error is a USB device plugged on one of your USB ports.

Motherboards nowadays support USB ports and it normally includes four ports which you see at the back of your CPU. These ports are emulated by the BIOS to allow booting the computer from a USB device like when booting the computer from an external DVD drive.

Booting the computer using the USB is very important when installing the operating system to allow you to use an external optical drive in case your computer’s CD or DVD drive is broken or something.

Now, if a USB device like a USB flash drive is connected to the USB port and you start the computer, normally, the BIOS will look for the operating system in the USB flash drive. If the USB flash drive doesn’t have a bootable system or it just contains data files, you will see that error on your screen saying “operating system not found” and the system is halted.

If that happens, simply disconnect the USB device from the USB port and restart the CPU. It should boot normally again. In your case, check the USB ports on your computer and disconnect any device currently connected. After this, press the reset button on the CPU to reset the computer.

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