An extensive explanation of the term Printer sharing

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What is the meaning of printer sharing in computing? My name is Lydia living in the Republic of Togo and in grade six. I came across the word printer sharing when reading a bother’s textbook but did not understand it because it was mentioned in a passing. I would be happy if this term is explained in the simplest form but detailed. Thank you.

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An extensive explanation of the term Printer sharing


Dear Lydia, 

Latest operating systems are coming to this facility, which allows users to use a single printer for multiple computers. This phenomenon is called “Printer Sharing.” This can be achieved by basically three ways:

  • Create a Printer Server.
  • Make Your Printer available in the Home network Work group so that multiple systems can share a single printer through file and printer sharing facility.
  • By means of various hardware connection methods like Wi-Fi cards/ Ethernet cables/ USB splitters to do this by physically sharing printer connection.




Here I will tell you the most easily, cheap and basic way to configure printer setting for sharing, which even you can try, all by yourself!! –

First of all you need to connect all of your PCs on the network, so that they all share printer access. Then you need to configure each of the computers, so that they can utilize that shared printer. Here I am assuming that you are using Windows 8 and at least one of your computers is connected to the printer. Hence, for connecting rest and sharing single printer, you need to follow these steps:

First, share printer from the PC already connected to the printer, go to Start Menu<< Device and Printer << select the printer you want to share.

  • Now right click the printer<<select printer properties.
  • Click “sharing” tab<< click “change Sharing options”.
  • Now select “Share this Printer”.
  • Click “ok” to save the setting.

Now your printer is available to each of the computers connected to your network. To utilize this printer, every computer user has to configure these settings for each computer:

  • Go to <<Start. Select option "Devices and Printers."
  • Select <<"Add a printer."
  • Click<< "Add a network, wireless, or Bluetooth printer."
  • Now select the printer you wish to be shared.
  • Click<<Next.
  • Install/ Set up your Printer according to the instruction appearing in the screen.

Hope you now you can share a printer with any no. computers any time.

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