Export vmware inventory to excel

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Hi everyone!

I have a problem about exporting some lists to ms excel. 

Do you have any idea on how to export vmware inventory to excel?

I've tried searching for an answer in the internet, but the instructions I get can't solve my problem. Even though I have followed every single step I have read from online articles, I still can't export all of the details to my excel file. 

Can you please help me with this?

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Export vmware inventory to excel


Hello Neil,

I have no idea about what you have read from the internet, but I used to export VM inventory using vSphere 4.1 standard with vCenter server and here are the steps :

1. Open the vShpere client and connect to the vCenter.

2. Choose View > Inventory > VMs & Templates, from the top menu.

3. Choose the VMs you want to export from the inventory list on the left, you could choose the top level folder also which include the VMs to export.

4. From the tabs on the top of the right side select Virtual Machine tab, you can modify the filter to include other items.

5. Select Export > Export list from the menu File from top menu and choose the format you want to save the list into (Excel format is available).


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Export vmware inventory to excel

  1. Open the vSphere Client and finally connect to your vCenter
  2. From the top menu go to View ==> Inventory ==> VMs & Templates
  3. From the inventory list that is on the left of the VM side you need to choose the VMs. You need to include your inventory export and finally choose a top level folder. This includes the VMs you would like to export.
  4. Finally choose your virtual machines tab, which you will find in the tabs that are located on the top of the right side.
  5. You definitely need to modify the filter and finally include all the other items such as Virtual machines IPs, Hostname, & the similar. You need to include all of these.
  6. Now from the top menu go to File => Export => Export list.
  7. You finally need to choose the format you want to save the list into (CSV, Html, & XML are some of the available format).
  8. Thus through these steps you can download it to any format. You need to select here the CSV and that will solve your problem. 

Waters Magner

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