Setting the excel macro for getting disk space using the API call.

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I need the easiest way of setting the API call in excel macro for getting disk space. I do not wish to set the declarations and module because it is a long statement. I think, this can be done through the copying and pasting the ready made file for the declaration. I have the access to Visual Basic. Which is the name of that file and where can I get it, if there is any site? Thank you.

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Setting the excel macro for getting disk space using the API call.


Hello Jak,

Although the Excel object model and VBA code is very comprehensive in providing you with methods to do various operations on the spreadsheet, you may have noticed that there are a number of functions having to do with Windows that you still cannot do. Even Visual Basic itself does not provide the direct means to do some of these. For example, you cannot find the amount of available space on a disk device. You cannot read the keyboard directly ‚ you only can read incoming keys on a user form, provided that the form or control has the focus.

VBA does not have the direct commands to deal with these subjects, but it does allow access to the WIN32 application programming interface (API), which in turn allows you to access a treasure chest of information from Windows directly. For more information check the following link

I hope this helps.

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