Evermote setup error using Windows 7 Operating System

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Hi all,

At work I am getting this error when I try to install Evernote in my computer. The error message is I don’t have permission to install Evernote. I got permission from administrator to install Evernote, but still this error message appears. Is there any restriction? How will I install Evernote? Please help. Your help is appreciated.

Evernote was already installed by another user. Only one per-user installation is supported.

An administrator can install Evernote for everyone after the per-user installation is removed.

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Evermote setup error using Windows 7 Operating System


I think you are confused about the permission coming from the administrator or from an administrator. The “permission” here doesn’t really mean that you will ask your network administrator if you can install Evernote and the “administrator” where you will ask the permission doesn’t really refer to a person. What it meant was the administrative privilege of your user account.

Because users with administrator rights are the only one who can install a program on the computer. Regular user or limited user doesn’t have this kind of privilege. And if you will look at the error message, it seems that there is already an Evernote installed on the computer. This means you no longer need to install it because another user or maybe your network administrator has already installed it for you.

As with any other program, there should only be one installation of the package per computer. So, if a computer has several users and these users require Evernote, there should be only one installation of Evernote on the computer and just share it with fellow users. If the computer has five users let’s say, it is not allowed that each user should install his or her own Evernote.

So, if this is the case and you need to use Evernote, try asking your network administrator to assist you on how to share Evernote on the computer so you can also use it. Normally, if it’s already on the computer, you don’t need to ask permission to share it because it is already available for use by any users.

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