Error When Rendering A Huge Drawing

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I get an error when rendering a huge drawing. Error would say "The Scene Cannot be Rendered. The Scene Must contains At Least One  3D Wireframe or Solid Model Object To Render." I only get this error when rendering that particular drawing, other drawings are just fine when rendered. I cannot identify the cause of the problem.

Any suggestions are welcome.


This scene cannot be rendered.

This scene must contain at least one 3D wireframe or solid model object to render 

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Error When Rendering A Huge Drawing



This happens due to the low memory. When rendering graphic it take lot of space in computer's RAM. Sometimes it is not enough if you have 10 GB RAM. I have personally had this kind of bad experience. Using this message we cannot identify what is going on since it is not representing the actual reason for the problem. But the reason is that thing. 
What you have to do is your have to increase the Random Access Memory (RAM) of you computer. You can buy a new RAM and fit into available port with the existing RAM.
You can increase your virtual memory.
In order to do that
control panel –> System and Maintenance – -> System
In the left side of the windows click advanced system settings
Advance tab – – > performance – -> settings
Advance tab – – > Virtual Memory – -> change

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