Error when I try to create some items for a game.

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I have this error when I try to create some items for a game. I followed all the steps from a tutorial and someone told me that the problem is with my PC. Is this true? What is this error? How can I solve it?


Create2DTexture(weapon_acog2_reticle_base, 512, 512, 0, 894720068) failed: 8876017c = Out of video memory



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Error when I try to create some items for a game.


Yes, that person who told you that is right. The application you are using in creating your game items requires a much higher kind of graphics adapter. Your video card may possibly run the application but when you are already on the point of creating the graphical items this is when the problem starts.

Any graphics applications have a certain requirement for memory in the video card and this video memory is different from the typical physical memory of your computer or RAM. The computer’s RAM is different from the video card’s video RAM. The computer’s RAM is the actual physical memory installed on the computer while the video card’s video RAM is the type of memory built-in the graphics adapter exclusive only for the graphics adapter.

A typical video card built-in a motherboard normally has only 64 MB video RAM which is enough when just running typical applications and average games. Modern video cards now offer 128 MB, 256 MB, 512 MB, and sometimes 2 GB video RAM or maybe higher depending on the brand. So what you need to do, check the application’s system requirements so you will know the amount of video RAM your video card should have.

After checking the required video RAM, purchase a new graphics adapter that has that amount of video RAM or much better if it is higher.

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