Error thrown by user for add operation

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Here are the details of my machine which I am facing problems with, OS: Windows Vista Ultimate, Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, SQL server express edition which comes as a free version with MS Visual Studio.

Now I have already created a Database in SQL express edition and am just trying to integrate it to one of my software applications.  When I try to perform and integrate operation I am receiving a pop up.


Error thrown by user for Add operation

My username is a member of local admin and I have full administrator rights. I am not sure why this error message keeps coming up. Has anyone come across this error message?

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Error thrown by user for add operation


Yes Thomas,

There are times when other third parties are responsible for it and you don’t know who those are and when these type of error s come then we know what’s going wrong with it. So no doubt you have a full administrative rights but some times a person who develop a program can store some of the restrictions in the program by which no any user can change it.

So if you are using a program, check the settings of that program may be there are some restrictions ; correct those restrictions, if you are allowed, other wise it’s a built-in problem which you can’t solve. Also some times there are restrictions from the Windows side and you are using a new Window so may be from there it is a restriction that no amendments can be made by the  user.



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