Error occurred writing data to disc

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Hi folks,

Our office implemented a new application software for our inventory, to be sure that all the old data will be safe. I decided to create a backup copy of all the data by burning it to a cd. I decided to use CDBurnerXP, as far as advice I get they told me that it runs without any problem.

So I downloaded a copy of it and installed at my computer. After installing it, I wanted to try it. When I run the application, and burn the files to CD, an error occurred, I pasted below the screen shot.

Writing Error: (3) Error occurred writing data to disk.

Unknown error – use extended data for more information (1051).

Error Sense Data: SENSE KEY: 3 ASC: 64 ASCQ: C0

When I analyze the error, its pointing to a burning problem, so I am wondering where shall this error came from. Is it with the blank cd, the cd drive, or the CDBurnerXP. Please help me find solution.


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Error occurred writing data to disc


This type of error messages caused when the software cannot detect properly what type of CD you are using to write. (Ex:- CD-R, CD+R, CD+RW, CD-RW, etc.) or due to a POWER CALIBRATION AREA ERROR.

Try following options to resolve the issue.

  1. Reduce the writing speed from 48x-32x to about 16x-10x.
  2. Install and use different software. Try ImgBurn. This is also a Freeware and good software like CDBurnerXP. You can download it from the ImgBurn Official website here
  3. Use different type of CDs manufactured from well recognized companies.
  4. Download from the manufactures site and update your firmware (Recorder) with the latest versions.
  5. Change recorders power supply cables, and avoid sharing power with other devices inside computer with the same power supply of the CD recorder.
  6. Switch between primary slave and secondary master and check.


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Error occurred writing data to disc



In my experiences, when it comes to this situation and judging from your error message, this means that your software is not compatible with your cd drive.

  • You can resolve this by trying to change the software preferences or settings before you write files from the cd. Critical settings is the speed of burning process. There are scenarios that reducing or increasing the speed would only result to the same error and a possibility that could add new error messages like power calibration error.
  • Another problem to consider is your CD itself. We could not guarantee a certain CD whether it is from a recognized brand or company to be okay or defective. Try another cd and find out what is the reaction of your drive compared to the previous ones inserted. 
  • Also, do not rely from software provided by manufacturers. These software only have a limited features. Try searching the internet for software or burners available. I will suggest using Nero or Ashampoo. This software has plenty of features compared to the default products and is highly compatible.

Hope this helps.

Thank you.

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