Error message JRE missing when installing a program.

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This morning, I am getting this error message when I’m trying to install a program (I attached the image below).

What exactly is this JRE missing mean? Can any experts provide an answer for me. I’m curious to know more about it.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

JRE Not Found

Missing JRE The

Java Runtime Environment (JRE) was not found. Please download and install a JRE (latest version) from:

If you have a JRE installed you can browse for it below: JRE Path: Browse…

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Error message JRE missing when installing a program.


Hi Jerry,

JRE stands for Java Runtime Environment which is a tool that you must have if you would like to use softwares programmed with Java on your machine (like the one you are trying to install). The error is simply telling you that you need to either download the JRE or to browse for it if its already installed. So here is what you should do to know if you have JRE installed or not:

Go to your control panel –> then search for java –> If you find it then you do have JRE in your system . To know the directory where JRE is installed in just double click on the java icon in control panel then open Java tab you'll see a field named path and that is where you need to browse in the error message. (check the screenshot below)

– If you can't find Java in your control panel then you need to download and install it from its site :


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