Internet Explorer 8 Error on loading a specific website

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I was browsing the net today like any other regular day, but this one website which I normally visit to get important information about my work is not accessible. Other websites are working properly, so I do not have any idea where the problem comes from.

I am using Internet Explorer 8 and every time I try to load the page, the website doesn’t open and an untitled page appears.

I checked the URL of the webpage from to check if the site was really down or it is only me. The result was the site was up.

I already tried cleaning my cache and history, restarted the router and my PC and running the internet explorer with no add ons, but still nothing seems to be working.

Are there anything else that I can do to solve this problem? What seem to be creating the problem?


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Internet Explorer 8 Error on loading a specific website


There are many feedbacks on IE 8 which are commonly pertaining to bugs. That even page of Microsoft Website Publishing Software and Microsoft Publisher was unable to load properly in IE 8. Some issues include missing web contents on some sites and web crashes.

Some of the bugs is when you try to mouse hover over the button it will not show you the menu, supposedly it will list down those menus. When viewing transparent images on some sites it will not show the transparent part of the picture but instead it will replace it with black color. If your problem was only unable to display a content of web page then you might try any of the following below to solve this problem.

  • On your Internet Explorer 8, select the “Tools” tab, Select Internet Options, Go to “Advanced” tab and click the “Restore advanced settings” and click the “Reset” button as well. See image below.
Tools tab-Internet Options-Advanced tab-Restore advanced settings-Reset
  • Open the command prompt and run is as administrator. To open the command prompt, select start, click run and type cmd. Type the command line “netsh winsock reset”, exit. Reboot your computer.
  • Check the network and sharing center (network activity). Make sure the connection is on.
  • On your firewall, disable it and try if you can access now the website you wish to access. If so then Enable again the firewall and manage the exemptions.
  • In some cases make sure that your browser is not set to work offline. Check the tools and verify if not set to work offline.
  • If you have recently conduct a windows update then try to use the system restore.
  • If you have installed the MSN optimize for IE8 then uninstall in and just use the regular version.
  • If you have an add-on installed recently it may be incompatible to the webpage that you are visiting. Disable the add-on and see if you can now access the site.
  • If the issue is not caused by the new add-on then see if any third-party program that you installed recently affect the browser.
  • Try to reinstall the Internet Explorer 8. Disable the anti-virus when installing the Internet Explorer and try to re-download again the IE8 installer it might be corrupted.
  • If you are connected to a proxy check the server if it blocks or if it is not allowing a certain website. The proxy server can block web sites by just referring to a key word that has been defined.
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Internet Explorer 8 Error on loading a specific website


Hi! Alex,

  • I'll give some information about the problem in website that may cause it's loading problem, hope one of this have a connection with your problem.
  • Error loading in any websites – If the Mozilla suite, Firefox or Sea Monkey would not connect to any website:
  • The problem will gone once you reboot your system.
  • Be sure you are connected to the internet and if you use dial-up connection and you want to connect directly your Mozilla when you start it, see the Autoconnect.
  • Make sure that the file work offline is not check.
  • Note: Mozilla is the only application that have problems.
  • Connection Setting-be sure that your connection setting are correct and if you have Internet explorer and works compare the internet connection setting.
  • Mozilla Suit or Sea Monkey (EDIT to PREFERENCES to ADVANCED to PROXIES).
  • If your connection is not correct but any changes you try to do are not been saved after you start you Mozilla application make sure you don't have a utility program like "Hide IP Platinum" and that modifies your connection setting. Even your utility is no longer installed,the user called user. Is file may contain it's modified setting. To resolve this kind of problem open the profile folder and look for the user. Is file If you found either remove the user. Is file or edit to remove any kind of proxy setting then you reset the connection setting.
  • The error message may be the cached.
  • Mozilla Suite/Sea Monkey: (EDIT to PREFERENCES to ADVANCED to CACHE to CLEAR CACHE).
  • Delete any kind of stored cookies for the problem site and make sure the cookies are not blocked.
  • You could be infected with spyware or malware that can cause the search engine to fail then redirect your unwanted website or prevent that certain website from loading.
  • If the bank is like a secure bank,eBay, PayPal or sites that begins with https; see the error loading secure sites.
  • Try loading with that the same website from the other computer or browser, if it also doesn't load the problem must be in the website.
  • Make sure you have entered the correct address.
  • The website may block your own IP address or a group of address that may yours and if you think this might the case then contact the webmaster.
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Internet Explorer 8 Error on loading a specific website


The problem there is your browser since you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer. To fix the problem, try using a different web browser to visit the website. Try downloading one of the following web browsers then see if it works:

  • Google Chrome – this downloads the standalone installer for the Google Chrome web browser. The latest version at the moment supports Windows 7, Windows 8.x, and Windows 10. Windows XP and Windows Vista are no longer supported.
  • Opera – this downloads the web installer for the Opera browser. If you want to download the standalone installer, download Opera Offline Package. The latest version at the moment supports Windows 7, Windows 8.x, and Windows 10. Windows XP and Windows Vista are no longer supported.
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • SeaMonkey

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