Error connecting to Oracle DB with Data Guard enabled

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This is the error message on Tableau data connection:

Oracle database error 16224: ORA-16224:Database Guard is enabled.

The error took place just after clicking Connect (Step 3: establish connection).  My environments:

  • Tableau Desktop 6.1.3
  • Oracle driver for Desktop 6.1 (downloaded from site)

The Oracle database is a reflection database which is using Oracle Data Guard.  Using SQLPlus and Toad, the database connection is successful and queries run without problems. But the problem occurs while trying to connect with Tableau. The Oracle DB version is

Can anyone here help me please?


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Error connecting to Oracle DB with Data Guard enabled



Hello Anville,

I hope this could help you… 

It could be possible that the operation could not connect to a physical database because the database guard is enabled. Have you checked your data guard status? The logical standby has to be checked as to which it has been set – since its status – all, standby, or none gives protection to your data from being changed. Look into your v$database:

SQL> select guard_status from v$database;


Thus, get to verify if the operation performed is correct, check your guard status, and update the data guard instance as “standby”. Guard status are categorized as the following:

ALL – ONLY SYS can perform changes to any data in the DB

STANDBY – ONLY SYS can perform changes to any DB object maintained by logical standby.

NONE – provides normal security for all data in the DB



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Error connecting to Oracle DB with Data Guard enabled


The problem defines itself, ORA-16224: Database Guard is enabled. It means that the database guard is set to Enabled. So to fix it, please disable and verify the operation. To disable it:

On Standby Database:

1. SQL > Alter database recover managed standby database cancel;

2. SQL > Alter system set log_archive_dest_state_2=DEFER;

On Primary Database:

1. SQL > Alter system set_log_archive_dest_state_2=DEFER;

Disabling the Database Guard depends on what are you actually doing.


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