Sap remedy ticketing tool ppt

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I want to use Sap remedy ticketing tool for my business but the problem is that I don't know how to use Sap remedy ticketing tool. If someone has information about its use then please send me power point file of How to use Sap remedy ticketing tool ppt.

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Sap remedy ticketing tool ppt




Remedy can be a big help to log/monitor customer related issues , especially for instances that has to be managed through tickets when dealing with the customer's problem. Here are steps in order for you to use Remedy in creating a ticket.

1. Launch Remedy App. > Click Start > Programs > select Action Request System

2. Key in your User Name and Password to login and hit Enter

3. To make a ticket. Click File > Open > Object List > Find, it will then show you a search box  “Search what Keywords?” where you can input the details/description of the problem for opening the ticket then click “Find”

4. Make a new Remedy trouble ticket. Select the problem that has the best picture for the ticket. Click  “New Ticket”. It will then show you the ticket with the ticket number. Input all the necessary details to the blank ticket field and click “ Save”. Department that needs to resolve the issue will automatically receive the ticket. 

If you wanted to respond to the ticket, steps are as follows;

1. Launch Remedy App > Select Request for Service > Key in Ticket Number to the request number field, then press CTRL + ENTER to view the ticket then hit  “Acknowledge Ticket” button

2. Input everything you did to resolve the issue on the “Worklog”, then select “Solve” if the issue has been resolve on the Status Menu.


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