Error code 805a0193 keeps appearing in a Windows Phone

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Hi brainy,

I am using windows phone for past few months, good. Used to download and install simple games for my kid to play. Recently when I tried to download using my Wi-Fi network, I got this error message. After a while I tried again no further improvement and even I checked Wi-Fi connection and password looks good to me. Assist me please.

Image of the Error:

Error Message in the Image

There has been a problem completing your request. Try again later

Error code: 805a0193

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Error code 805a0193 keeps appearing in a Windows Phone



This problem is of the Windows Phone when any disruption occurs with the temporary service. This error may also appear when you try to connect to a Wi-Fi network and you have got an incorrect ISP configuration or invalid network settings.

  • Wait for a little long time and then try again.
  • Try connecting with different Wi-Fi network.
  • Also check that you have a working network or Internet connection.
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Error code 805a0193 keeps appearing in a Windows Phone


This is a pretty common error among Windows phones and many users reported to be getting the error while using the Marketplace but other internet services work normally. According to Microsoft, you may receive error code “805a0193” when you try to connect your Windows phone to a Wi-Fi network or if you have invalid internet settings.

While you may encounter the error when downloading apps using the Wi-Fi connection, the error doesn’t seem to happen when you are downloading via 3G or data connection. One workaround which worked for many users is to change the date and time settings. On your Windows phone, go to apps list and tap “Settings” and then “Date + Time.”

Uncheck or deselect “Automatic update of Time and Date” and then select “Manual update.” After this, adjust the time to something like five minutes earlier of the current time and save it. Now, try downloading something again from the Marketplace and see if it works. If this doesn’t work, another workaround is to factory reset the phone.

Before factory resetting your device, try backing up your phone data like the contacts to the SIM card and apps and other files to the memory card. Remove the SIM card and the memory card and then begin the reset. On your phone, go to “Settings,” “About,” and then tap “Reset your Phone.” Select “Yes” when you are prompted.

When the reset is finished, try installing some apps or install an update and see if it works.

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