The encryption used by webmails

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Do the Webmail nowadays use the TLS encryption and  SSL when we use them? How do I make Thunderbird use SSL for yahoo mail when using the webmail plugin?

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The encryption used by webmails


Yes Webmail use Secure Socket Layer( SLL) and Transport Layer Security  (TLS) are protocols that provide data encryption and authentication between application where a data is being sent across the internet or in a network such as sending and receiving email.

It is use in order for the system to have a secure communication between client and server. Both of this internet security protocol ensure that the data you send and receive is encrypted as it is transmitted through the internet. On the other question of how to use

Thunderbird to use Secure Socket Layer for yahoo mail, the answer is by using YPOPs or open source application which can be run in your background and simulates and browser to provide an interface via POP and download your email into a desktop client like yahoo mail

.Before you do that the first thing you should do is to set up or download and install YPOP's client piece. Just install it and follow the installation wizard but make sure to start the client before moving towards other things.

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