Encrypt Dropbox files and folders on the Fly Using Box

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Hi there,

This GIMP message appears when I want to open a file from my Dropbox and the format of the file is .jpeg. I can open any other files from my PC and it seems like is a problem with this one. Any solution for this error ? What I did wrong ?

Thanks !

GIMP Message

Opening ‘C:Userstrevor dDropboxtest boxcryptor5eEotox51vbBeORrvM9LRdD,LNVt16PAozb3eaepDt-YyH3’ failed: Unknown file type


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Encrypt Dropbox files and folders on the Fly Using Box


I don’t think you will have a problem opening a “.jpeg” file using GIMP because this file format or file type is well supported. I guess the problem with your screenshot is that the file you are trying to open with GIMP doesn’t have an extension name in it. The program will not be able to recognize the file if it doesn’t have an extension name.

That’s the reason why GIMP can’t open the file and throws the “unknown file type” error. If you want to load the file in GIMP, rename it first then add without quotes “.jpeg” or “.jpg” at the end of the filename. Once the file is renamed and is now using either “.jpg” or “.jpeg” extension name, try opening it using GIMP.

But remember, you will only be able to open it if it is really a valid image file or JPEG file.

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