Encountered random error message while using AVS Video Converter

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I was using AVS Video Converter 6.2 software when I randomly got this error message, see below. 

I searched the web found several resolutions; one is registry-related and the other one provided a number of resolutions. 

I was not sure of the registry-related one, and I was scared to change the registry anyway.  One resolution was about an incorrectly installed DirectX which I was not sure also if this was installed in my PC. 

Can anyone guide me how to verify about the DirectX installation and possibly how to resolve the problem? 


AVS Video Converter 6.2

                Access violation at address 074B16FE in module ‘AVSAVIFile3.dll’. Read of address 09440000.

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Encountered random error message while using AVS Video Converter


Hi F Samuel,

        You may have overlooked the authenticity of the program you are using.  You have to purchase first the product key before you can download it. If your software is genuine you will have to report your problem and they will instruct on how you can get out with that problem.

      If your program is not genuine you have to uninstall it because it might ruined or damaged your other files.


Hope this might help you,



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Encountered random error message while using AVS Video Converter


Hi Samuel,

There are two methods to solve this error.

1. Try to boot your computer in safe mode. While doing so Windows will open only the bare minimum files to start. If you don’t find the same problem again, start your computer in normal mode again and if you find that problem afterwards, it means some program is causing this error and you need to clean your boot. Cleaning the boot will remove software conflicts.

Please find video here to know how to clean boot? – https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/929135/how-to-perform-a-clean-boot-in-windows.


2. There are chances that file is corrupted or having bug. ‘AVSAVIFile3.dll’ is a system file so you must know which system file is leading to this issue and remove it through scan.

To find a system file causing issues you shall use System File Checker Tool (SFC.exe) (See pic below) which will scan your all system files and to scan here is how you do it –

A. Start/All programs/Accessories/right-click on Command Prompt/Click Run as administrator.

B. If password is set as administrator, enter the password or else just allow.

C. At the Command Prompt, type “sfs/scannow” and enter.

Scan will start.

I think you should not have any problems then.

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