Encountered error while editing photo using Paint Shop Pro

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I was using Paint Shop Pro Photo to edit my photo images when randomly I got this error message (please see below). 

I was editing and saving a photo when the error happened.  I knew it was the correct file but I wasn’t sure about the permissions. 

I hope someone from this forum can help me solve the problem. 

Thanks in advance.

Paint Shop Pro Photo

The application could not overwrite the specified file.

Please make sure you have the necessary file and directory permissions.

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Encountered error while editing photo using Paint Shop Pro


From the error you got it suggest that first of all it is an overwriting and secondly there is file permission that you are supposed to get from the directory.What I would suggest is that you check if you Paintshop is compatible with the system you are using. It is also possible that you installed paint shop pro photo earlier in your computer so the computer has it as an older program.

If you are using Windows vista then this is a common problem and the best thing to do is to configure your Paintshop pro photo to enable it work well for you.

This are the simple steps to follow:- Install your Paintshop pro photo into your system, in the control panel click on the programs, click on use an older program with this version of software. In the program compatibility click next allowing the wizard to populate the list of programs in which you shall choose the Paintshop pro photo and click next if you used it previously then select the system were your photo shop worked properly then click next.

Here place a check to define the settings of your program. After the check box click next. Verify whether your Paintshop pro photo is configured to work properly with your system. After all this procedure you will decide whether you will be sending the problem solving information to Microsoft.

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Encountered error while editing photo using Paint Shop Pro


Follow the below mentioned steps.

1. Check the file is it write protected ? If so then unchecked that option by selecting properties of specific file and then try to save it after editing.

2. Permissions are issued by Administrator , so are you running as a User or Admin account if you are using a user account try to login using Admin if you have admin account credentials.

3. When you save the file use "Save As " option instead of "Save", by doing so you have preserved your original and your new one.


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