Floppy drive making an annoying sound

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I have a Laptop and the floppy drive keeps on making annoying sounds. The sound won’t go off; I checked the drive if there is a floppy disk inside it but the drive is empty. I don’t know what’s causing this problem. I’ve also checked if there are any objects inside the drive but nothing was found. Please help me anyone regarding this matter.

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Floppy drive making an annoying sound



First of all, nowadays floppy disk drives are so cheap, once defective you can just buy a new, most of these cases when the floppy drive is too noisy, it is because, the drive is defective and inside is mostly all of dust, if you’ll ask me, if you're still using it, buy a new one, it’s just a cheap hardware for your laptop, or if you like the drive, have it fix you the manufacturer, just bring it, I’m sure they will fix that, but if you're not using it, and you like to stop these annoying sounds, just disable it. Just go to the BIOS option and search for the floppy disk drive and disable it.

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Floppy drive making an annoying sound


Hi Roger Blake,

  • There is two causes the sound in Floppy drive.
  • You have something inside.
  • Your driver is not connected well.
  • The problem is 100% from Hardware.
  • So you have two easy solutions.
  1. You fix the driver.
  2. Deactivate the driver and Reactivate it when you want to use it.

Follow my steps to Deactivate the driver:

  1. Right mouse Button click on My computer.
  2. Go to Proprieties.
  3. Click the Tag Hardware.
  4. Go to Device manager.
  5. Search for the Floppy Device.
  6. Right mouse Button click on it and choose Deactivate.
  7. Restart computer.
  8. Annoying noise is gone.

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