DVD Burning Problem Uneven Burning and Shaded Rings

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I am using Sony DVD writer870S. But while Burning a DVD I am facing some problems of 

Uneven Burning & there are Shaded Rings visible on the DVD. However, from the same DVD writer I burn the DVD very fine. 

I have recently changed my motherboard also.

Can anyone please help me regarding this issue.

I will be very thankful to you.

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DVD Burning Problem Uneven Burning and Shaded Rings


How often does this "Uneven Burning & there are Shaded Rings visible on the DVD" happen?  Does this happen all the time or does this happen for some discs from your stash of DVD-RW discs?  You mentioned that from the same DVD writer you can burn DVD just fine.

There are 2 possible causes that I can come up with:

1.  You could be using a bad batch of DVD media.  Some DVD media are known to have bad batches every now and then.  These bad media are more common with really cheap discs.  Stick to well known brands and buy from reputable sources to lessen the likelihood that you are buying sub-standard discs.

2. Your DVD writer is having problems.  There have been some reports of Sony DVD writers having the same problem that you have.

Please try a different DVD writer but use the same DVD media.  If the dark rings are still there, then it proves the media is bad.  Some users report that replacing the firmware of the Sony DVD drive with a LiteON firmware removed the problem.

3.  Your DVD writing software is not installed properly.  Try to re-install your DVD burning software as it is possible that some of its software components have gotten corrupted.  Also, avoid installing more than 1 DVD writing application at once.  DVD writing software usually install drivers of its own and it's possible for 2 applications to have conflicting drivers.

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DVD Burning Problem Uneven Burning and Shaded Rings


Normally, when you burn data to a blank DVD disc or to a DVD-R, the burned data will appear like a shaded area on the data side of the DVD disc. The unburned area or the blank area of the DVD disc will stay clear. Now, when you add data to the DVD disc, a tiny gap appears between the old data and the new data. It appears like a ring between the old and the new data.

But it only happens or the gap only appears when adding files to the DVD disc. In your case, I think it is only 1 burning task and yet the burned data is uneven. First, check if your DVD disc is not damaged. If your CD/DVD burning software has an option to simulate a data burn, enable it to verify if your DVD writer is working properly.

Normally, this is only necessary for brand new DVD writers. Once verified that your DVD writer is functioning properly, try burning your data again to a blank DVD disc. Also, try checking the cables of your DVD writer inside your CPU. Make sure the power supply and the ribbon cable are connected firmly to the device.

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