Driver detected a controller error

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I have an Acer Aspire E1-531 and I consistently receiving an error stating "Driver detected a controller error on DeviceHarddisk2DR2" when I am trying to shut down my PC. The error is stopping my Windows 10 from shutting down properly and I need to force close it to get rid of the error. I have an internal hard disk and two external hard disks. One of my external hard disk has a Windows which I bought to extend the disk space. Please tell me if this will help as the error is kind of annoying now. I really want to fix this ASAP. So can someone help?

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Driver detected a controller error


Hello Paul!

Having this issue is easy to fix. Try to perform all the tasks below and you will get the fix that you’re looking for. Just a follow up question, did you installed other software or peripherals? If not or if you did install additional devices or software perform the following tasks.

1.  Uninstall all drivers and software for your video card and sound card.

2.  Reinstall the driver and software for video card and sound card. Don’t include the applications for sound card and video card.

3.  Download some fix registry and updates.

4.  Update software and hardware drivers regularly.

5.  Before turning off the computer eject the external hard drives.

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Driver detected a controller error


If you have three hard disks on your computer, one internal and the other two are external, try starting and shutting down your computer without the external hard drives. Start your computer normally but don’t connect any of your external hard drives. Once the system has booted completely and you encounter no problem, shut it down. See if any errors appear while shutting down.

If the error you previously encounter doesn’t appear, start your computer again then connect the two external hard drives once the system has completely booted. Wait about five to ten minutes. After this, disconnect the external hard drives using the “Safely Remove Hardware” icon on the taskbar and remove them from the USB ports. Once they are removed, shut down your computer then see if the error appears again.

If you don’t see any problem that means the system is having a problem disconnecting one of the external hard drives when shutting down. Probably because, as you said, one of the external hard drives has Microsoft Windows installed in it and your Windows 10 is probably detecting the operating system on that external hard drive.

So, to fix the problem, make sure to disconnect all the external hard drives before you shutdown your computer.

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