Drive z: does not exist.Check the drive and try again.

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Hello Guys. I am using windows vista as my O.S. I having problem with my USB flash drive.

Every time that I put it in to my computer it shows on my computer that the drive is there, but when I tried to open it a message shows that the drive doesn’t exit. I thought it was a virus so I scanned my flash drive, but no virus detected.

But I can’t still open my drive. Please help me to this one.



Drive z: does not exist.

Check the drive and try again.

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Drive z: does not exist.Check the drive and try again.


You are sure you were clicking on the right drive right and not on any other? If you were, then perhaps you can try assigning a different drive letter for your USB device. You can do this by using the Disk Management application in Windows. Right click on My Computer then click on Manage. Go to Disk Management. Right click on your flash drive and choose Change Drive Letter and Paths. If that doesn't work, try formatting your USB drive and see if that helps. If it's still a problem, try a known working USB device, if it works, your USB drive is busted. If a working USB drive does not work, reinstall your operating system.

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