Drawback in using a Unix Program Cop system

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Is there any drawback in using a Unix Program Cop system that scan the system for possible security flaws and provide user alert for security? Is there any way to minimize  such downside?

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Drawback in using a Unix Program Cop system


Kernel programming is one of the mode of programming used in Unix, therefore you would expect its one major drawback would be portrayed by the whole system. It is more risky than using other user-mode programming.

Kernel memory is non-page able meaning that all its functions are permanently resident in the physical memory; this means that its performance functionality is highly reduced.
Another major drawback is the inability of kernel memory to make any assumptions about the validity of the arguments passed, whereas a library function might reasonably do so.
Using Unix cop system would mean higher scalability and maintainability cost this would be in comparison with other Windows NT frameworks.
From here BASIC programming with Unix  and from your daily usage of Unix, you will note that the language used is more complicated than the Basic language, this normally discourages the use of Unix.

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