Download Links and importance of a Router Utility Software

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Hi guys,

Where can I possibly locate router utility? What is the importance and duty of a router utility and how does it affect the wireless internet connection? Does it enhance the internet connection ability and power? I hope you can provide me the correct answer with my confusion and curiosity. This is very essential for me.

Expecting some help, thank you.

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Download Links and importance of a Router Utility Software


Hi, Christine!

Router it is an Ethernet device controlled either via the bundled utility with him (it is useful when you want to find it on the network and put the network settings, using the protocol SNMP) or through the Web interface – type in the address bar of your browser http:// IP address of the router (depending on its model – written in the manual).

Settings needed to connect to the Internet. Without proper settings Internet will not work. To configure the router must be connected to a PC. After adjustment, if you WiFi router, you can Connect to a PC (for internet access on all devices must be WiFi modem). A router has the multiple ports to connect and each usually says what it's for. To connect the cable from the provider to use WAN port, and connect to computers – LAN ports (WAN is made in the image in blue, LAN in yellow):


WAN port is connected to a cable that comes to you from your ISP or DSL modem. Often together with the router provides ROM with settings. Therefore, to set up, you should just insert the disk into the drive and follow the instructions.
Settings do not affect the speed of data transmission. It depends on your service plan and the specifications of the router (the old models that do not maintain a certain speed).


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