Do you have to use outlook express for email in window xp?

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Hi to every one. There is a little problem with outlook express as I connect to server using ID and password it opens account but I can not compose and send mails, message to other person. I am not understanding how to use it. Do you have to use outlook express in your life? Further More when yahoo, gmail type services are available then why outlook express is needed? Any guidance please.

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Do you have to use outlook express for email in window xp?


Hi Skylabreonna,

Are you getting any specific error message(s) when you try to compose/send messages? If you are could you please post the error message(s) you are getting? Posting the errors could help us a lot in finding resolution to your issue.

Possible causes though might be that somehow the Outlook Express program is corrupted or your server settings are not properly set. Your server settings are usually provided by your ISP(Internet Service Provider) or your network administrator.

To check the server settings:

1. Click on Tools, from the drop down menu select Accounts. After that Click on Mail Tab.

2. Highlight the name of your account and click on Properties. On the next screen, please select the Servers Tab.

Once you are in this screen, please make sure that Incoming and Outgoing server settings are correct. These settings are again provided by your ISP or your network administrator. If you are not sure with regards to the values of these settings, you need to contact them.

3. Another important thing to check is the Advance Tab. Here you will find the Server Port Numbers, These settings also play a vital role in the sending/receiving of messages. The numbers you see for both the outgoing and incoming servers are the default settings, however your ISP or network admin might have different values for these. You would need to verify as well if those 2 checkboxes This server requires authentication need to be checked or not.


You don't necessarily need to use Outlook Express unless otherwise specified by your company. The Outlook Express is a program that you can use to get and send your emails however you do need to configure the program properly to be able to do so. On the other hand yahoo or gmail services are web based emails. That means you only need to have an Internet connection, a browser and an account for either yahoo or gmail to be able to send or receive emails. You do not need to configure these services.

Hope this helps.







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Do you have to use outlook express for email in window xp?



There are two parts of your question. One is you are facing problem in connecting your outlook express. Second is that you don't want to use an email client. Rather than you want to use online emails like Gmail, yahoo.

* First of all this issue is due to wrong settings in ms outlook express. Take all settings from your email provider and internet service provider. Put garbage in will always gives garbage out. So enter correct settings and will definitely work. Once you have entered corrected setting you will not think of the second part of your question. But I will still answer the second part.

* So far Gmail, yahoo and other email options are concerned they made to work online. For example you don't want to switch you internet on, or you are not on the internet, or suppose that the internet is not there for an hour. Now you can never login to your online emails but in case of outlook or other Email clients you can see all your emails there on your PC. You can even answer any email; add an attachment to that email while you are offline. Once you are connected to the internet, you just have to press send and receive. All your work is done without any hassle.

That's why people are using Email clients. So using email clients to fetch your emails to your pc is better.

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Do you have to use outlook express for email in window xp?


Personally, I no longer use Microsoft Office Outlook. I also haven’t tried using Outlook Express either. To use any of these two email clients, you need to create an account. When creating an account, you need a working email address, its password, and the IMAP or POP3 settings from your webmail service.

The “ID” refers to your email address and the password is the password you use to log in to your email account. Whether you want to setup a POP3 account or an IMAP account, you need to get the incoming and outgoing servers from your webmail service. An example of an incoming server is without quotes “” while for outgoing server is “”.

Aside from that, you also need to get the correct port number for each server and their respective connection security setting like “SSL/TLS”, for example. If you are having problems using Outlook Express, try using Mozilla Thunderbird instead.

Mozilla Thunderbird email client

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