Do No edit text box.

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I want some text written in VB 6.0 in a textbox.

How can I make sure not to edit it.

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Do No edit text box.



private sub cmdload _click()
end sub
You cannot change the text. You can select, copy, the text but cannot edit.
the utility is with the scroll bars. The scrollbars appear in a multiline scroll both horizontal and vertical.
However an alternative to it is Enabled= False. But this has a disadvantage that you cannot select and copy, moreover the scrollbars of the text box cannot be used. In fact you can do the same with a label box, with the Autosize, Multiline and Word Wrap Properties to True.  However You do not get the scrollbars but the size of the label will increase in length, that is vertically.
I need your feedback.

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